There’s nothing we like more than turning a complex, technical (and dare we say, boring?) document into something clean, fresh and easy to read! We have a wealth of experience writing for websites, newsletters, social media, leaflets, presentations… so if you need your writing to be clear, concise and without jargon, we can help.

Good copywriting is about more than spelling and grammar.

A well-written piece will capture the attention of your ideal audience, give them information they want to hear and leave them feeling like they have a connection with you or your brand.

It includes:

  • Weeding out jargon and using plain English to make sure your audience understands what they’re reading at first glance
  • Building a connection, so they feel like they’re engaging with you, not a soulless corporation
  • Including clear calls to action, so people know exactly what to do once they’ve finished reading

Make sure your print or digital copy is engaging, uncomplicated and well-written – get in touch with Manico PR to discuss how we can help.