Delete it all and start again

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If there’s a gamer in your life, you probably know about the Fortnite black hole – the game’s developers sent an asteroid into the game and destroyed it, leaving nothing but a black hole before releasing the next chapter.

An actual black hole, photographed by NASA, because it looks even better than a video game version!

But during the wait, fans were left confused, irritable and bored, with no idea what was happening to their game.

Was it a stroke of genius? Something to emulate?

It definitely got everyone talking and built expectation for the next chapter of the game. Please don’t rush out and destroy your carefully honed business in the hope of creating intrigue and interest – but sometimes there’s something to be said for starting afresh.

While you’re caught up in the day-to-day, it’s easy to miss that great opportunity or realise how well you’re actually doing. I’ve worked with businesses who are national and international leaders – but still see themselves as little, local businesses.

Spot the opportunities

A good PR person can look at your organisation with fresh eyes – effectively deleting it all and starting again, getting rid of the preconceptions and day-to-day baggage you carry around when you’re immersed in a business. It helps us spot those great opportunities and the things you do every day which would amaze others.

So if you’re caught up in the day-to-day and have lost sight of the great things happening in your business, give me a call! I bet you’re doing something amazing!

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