How to get your message noticed

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In a world of scrolling, ads, and short attention spans, you need to make sure your message gets noticed in a way that is appropriate for your business. While the words you choose are important, the way they are presented are equally as important.

Get your branding right

Branding is paramount to this. It’s not just your logo, it’s the way you present yourself, your key messages and who you want to talk to. By keeping a consistent tone, font and colouring, your followers will start to recognise and trust your content, and will pick your messages out of the sea of information we’re all presented with daily.

If you can, work with a PR specialist and a graphic designer to work through this and come up with a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency across everything you do.

Do it yourself

Once you’ve got these rules in place, most of us don’t have a graphic designer on hand to create daily social media posts, posters and all the other graphics you may need. For the day-to-day, use something like Canva to create your images. You can add your own brand colours and adapt their professional templates to your own needs. They even have a huge library of images and video for you to incorporate if you want to. This video shows you some of the ways you can use it:

Talk to your customers, not at them

As ever, the golden rule is to involve your audience, not just throw information at them. If you’re using social media, be social. If you’re sending out a press release, make it clear how people can get involved. The more you engage and interact with those around you, the more you will come to be trusted as an expert in what you do.

For advice about how to get your message noticed by the right people, please do get in touch.

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