Is PR a horrible profession?

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There seems to have been a lot of negativity in the PR industry recently – one tweet from EasyJet hit the headlines after the PR industry pounced, and there’s been a whole debate about awards and ‘pay to play.

Someone commented to me recently that it’s unusual to find a PR person who’s good at what they do as well as being nice. Personally, I know lots of nice PR people, so why is it the ‘horrible’ ones who are more prominent?

It should be easy to stop the flow of negativity

It’s no wonder people don’t trust the PR industry when we seem so eager to score points and get one over on our peers.

I don’t know what the answer is. I do know that one of the main things I tell clients is that generally, people are nice. Be friendly, supportive and genuine and you’re likely to get the same back in return. (It’s nice to be nice is my unofficial motto for life).

Maybe it’s advice the PR industry as a whole could follow, rather than knocking each other down.

Do you work in PR? Is it a supportive industry? If you’re in another industry, what’s your perception of PR people? I’d love to know!

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