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Not being able to meet people face to face has been really hard for me – despite my claims that I’m a hermit, it turns out I’m a very social person who doesn’t do too well being trapped inside the same four walls for a long period of time.

However, one of the great things to come out of lockdown has been the opportunity to ‘meet’ people I would never have had the chance to otherwise, all thanks to the power of the internet.

Zoomed Out

While at the start of lockdown, lots of us enjoyed quizzes with our friends and families, changing our backgrounds and holding fancy dress competitions with our workmates, lots of people are now, understandably, ‘Zoomed out.’ But don’t dismiss it just yet! I think this is going to have a permanent impact on the way we do things from now on.

Since the shift towards online ways of working, I’ve attended lectures, joined in with networking groups I’ve never managed to catch before and even helped to organise an Early Dance festival – all things I’m sure wouldn’t have happened in the normal course of things.

Early Dance Circle Committee meeting held via Zoom
The lovely Early Dance Circle committee, who are now running all their meetings via Zoom

A New Way of Working

Now we’ve spent more time in this online world, we’re learning the tips and tricks to do it successfully – for example, staring at your screen for 5 hours straight isn’t going to do you much good and, although you can get away with wearing your pyjamas underneath an acceptable-looking top, it’s probably not the best option for looking after your mental health.

Managing this properly means you can take advantage of this new way of working without becoming fatigued by it all. I’ve taken the opportunity to use online events as a way to share some of my knowledge and even though it’s never the same as meeting in person, I’m looking forward to seeing new and old faces and hearing people’s news. It’d be great to see you too.

PSEN Social Enterprise City Festival, 16th-20th November

I’m delivering a session as part of Plymouth Social Enterprise Network’s Social Enterprise City Festival (16th -20th November) to give you some ideas and guidance around writing for different audiences. It should follow on nicely from Tuesday’s Social Impact Reporting session and Thursday’s Impact and Your Audience session, but they’ll also be useful individually too.

The following week I’m taking part in The Tour 2020, Small Business Saturday’s virtual tour of the country showcasing and supporting small businesses across the UK.

Small Business Saturday - The Tour 2020 graphic

It’d be lovely to see you at one of these events or somewhere else in the virtual networking world – I don’t even mind if you’re wearing your pyjamas.

Has lockdown created a permanent change in your business? Do you have any great online working tips? Get in touch or leave a comment, I’d love to hear!

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