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Video content is getting more and more popular.

As we’ve all had to change the way we work recently, for many of us online channels have becoming increasingly important.

Manico PR recently ran a video making workshop with Stars of Wellbeing, kindly supported by Plymouth Social Enterprise Network.

The event was brilliant, and people came away with the skills to create a video using just the items they already had at home. However, there was a feeling among the group that they wanted somewhere they could share their videos before ‘going public’.

So we’ve set up a second workshop, available to anyone who wants some constructive criticism before unleashing their videos on the world!

A good video will help you to build your reputation online and share key messages with your audience.

Over the course of the morning, you will:

  • Share your short videos (3 minutes max) with the rest of the group
  • Get feedback from your peers
  • Get feedback from a professional filmmaker and a public relations professional, so you can get advice on everything from lighting to the tone of voice you use
  • Be ready to take the next step in producing inspiring content for the benefit and development of your business or organisation

If you have a smartphone, you have the basic equipment to make videos already, but there are tips and tricks you can use to make the most of the resources you have at home.

I can give advice on topics from how to use your videos to build relationships with stakeholders to defining your style, as well as practical tips.

Julian Freeman from Stars of Wellbeing is a filmmaker and has been publishing a film every week for the last 8 years. He’ll be able to advise on the practical steps you can take to make your video visually appealing, so your audience want to continue watching.

To book your place, just use the Eventbrite link – hope to see you there!

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