Claire Casely, The Faery Whisperer, helps people to connect with nature through faeries and folklore.

Claire was approached by the Daily Mail to be interviewed and wanted some advice and guidance having never done anything like this before. Louise from Manico PR spent time with Claire giving interview tips and sharing techniques to make sure Claire got her message across in the way she wanted to. Louise also created a prompt sheet for Claire to remind her of the key words and phrases she wanted to refer to throughout the interview. The interview resulted in a full page feature.

As Claire’s business has evolved, she has increased her online presence and wanted to engage with social media advertising. In a one-to-one, Manico PR explained the various options for social media advertising, ideal content in terms of both text and imagery, and how to narrow down the demographic the ads are targeting.

(Louise is) very generous with her knowledge, brimming with creative ideas and bursting with enthusiasm and I came away feeling inspired to create videos for my business.

Louise is a really lovely person to work with, she is genuinely interested in my business success and has so many wonderful connections and tips. She has also helped me in the past with my brand message and media interview skills. I highly recommend Louise’s services!

Claire Casely, Claire Casely Coaching