Jigsaw Initiatives helps professionals develop effective communication and core leadership skills through Action Learning. This is structured, practical method of working that enables small groups to address complicated issues by meeting regularly and working collectively. 

Manico PR was brought in to overhaul the existing materials Jigsaw Initiatives had, and to bring consistency throughout.

After a detailed discussion, the first step was the creation of a Brand Manual. This included key descriptors to ensure consistency when discussing Action Learning and the skillset of founder Armine Guzelian. The Brand Manual also included the existing graphic elements and clarified what colours should be used and in what context.

As Jigsaw Initiatives invested in a new website, this Brand Manual helped to ensure consistency and clarified what tone of voice Armine wanted as Manico PR amended and edited the content of the website, including guidance as to appropriate images.

Manico PR also designed a leaflet giving an overview of the work that Jigsaw Initiatives undertakes, and made it suitable for print and for sharing online via Issuu.