Who are you?

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I really wanna know!

And actually, I really do. People often come to me saying they want to promote a particular product, project or ‘story’, but haven’t thought any further than that.

But people like people, and for most small businesses, the person they’re most interested in is you – the owner, the person they’ll be ordering from or working with.

Fingerprint - just one unique aspect of you
Your fingerprint isn’t the only thing about you which is unique

Why did you start your business? How does it feed your passion? Running your own business is hard work – why do you keep going?

I hate the ‘elevator pitch’, where you sit nervously waiting for everyone else to introduce themselves as the limelight creeps towards you, and you have a minute to sum up your entire reason for being there – but I have to begrudgingly admit it works. Having a sentence or two to summarise who you are, what you’re doing and why people should care about it helps to clarify everything else.

Once you’ve got your answer, it’s much easier to figure out your PR strategy – you know your aim, who you’re setting out to help and what the ultimate goal is. Everything else should slot in nicely (and if it doesn’t, maybe you should consider if it’s the best thing to be shouting about).

So, who are you? Tell me more about yourself. And if you haven’t got an earworm yet, you’re welcome.

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